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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Summon Divine Beast



Divine Beast

Divine Beasts are the magical creatures that can be called during battle to assist you. They can be used to inflict certain element damage to enemies as well as give a certain buff to your character’s weapon. It is super effective against the stronger mobs and bosses.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to summon Divine Beast in Wo Long: Fallen Beast.

Fill Up Divine Beast Gauge

In order to summon Divine Beast, players will have to fill up the Divine Beast Gauge. After filling up the Divine Beast Gauge, you will be able to summon the Divine Beast by pressing the designated button on controller/keyboard. Players can also summon Divine Beast Resonation in which the Divine Beast will power up our character and allies for the fight.

Divine Beast Gauge can fill up overtime but it can take several minutes before it refills again. So, in order to fill up the Divine Beast quickly, you will have to defeat enemies and deflect their attacks.

Unlock and Set Divine Beast

Players will get to use the first Divine Beast at the end of the Tutorial while defeating Zhang Liang. After that, players will not be able to summon the Divine Beast until they unlock a new Divine Beast. Players will get to unlock their first Divine Beast named “Qilin” after defeating Zhuyan. There are 10 Divine Beasts, 2 for each Virtue and all of them provide different element effects.

Qilin Divine Beast

After unlocking a Divine Beast, you will have to allocate them. In order to do so, you will have to go to one of the Battle Flag at which you can rest. After that, you need to select the Battle Preparations option. In there, you will see the “Set Divine Beast” option. Select it and then you will be able to choose one from all the unlocked Divine Beasts.

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